Other Interests.

Arthur has had a long time study of hypnosis and has just recently attended another course on hypnotheraphy conducted by an expert from America, which he passed, of course.
Another interest is naturisium, he is a great believer in the natural healing benifits from the sun and has been an active nudist for over 60 years. He has pubished nudist magazines and at one time owned and operated a nudist resort in the Hunter Valley, near Newcastle, in New South Wales. Yet another interest is in New Age subjects. He started the Body, Health and Harmony Festival in Brisbane in 1990. He sold this business, which is now known as the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. He starte d the festival to give his advertisers in the magazine “The Silver Cord” a public profile. Until then most if not all New Age was “under the counter” style of businesses. After Arthur held the Festival, it became almost main stream to talk about new age subjects.